Growing up in a rural setting I have always felt a close tie to the surrounding natural environment. Before my interest in ceramics, I obtained a degree in wildlife biology and worked several years in the field of science. This educational background and work experience provides much of the stimulus for the art I make today.


In science, one of the first things learned is the scientific method. This method teaches students to make observations and ask questions. Observations lead to hypotheses that are then tested to help draw conclusions about the world. As an artist, I continue this pattern of observation and analysis, but present my interpretations in the objects I create.


It is in nature that I find parallels between the instinctual behaviors of certain animal species and intrinsic forces that drive human beings. For instance, birds are noted for certain behaviors such as nesting, homing instincts, and selective mating. Increased survival is achieved through the nurturing of offspring, social grouping, and constant adaptations to their environment. Human relationships, at the fundamental level, are compelled by similar intrinsic forces. Parallels exist in desires to find a mate, generate a family, have a home, and be part of social groups. Nature reveals a cyclical pattern of renewal and decay. In a similar manner, our roles as humans continuously shift and evolve in response to the life cycle.


This body of work presents my interpretation of various human roles and relationships by referencing familiar forms in unusual ways. I chose to present the work using black and white objects to further remove them from their natural context. My objective is for people to consider their connections to one another and to the natural world. I find it interesting that while we rationalize ourselves as civilized and intelligent beings, we have underlying needs and urges that motivate us to participate in the life cycle similar to our animal counterparts found in nature.


Meredith Morris

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